About Solomon Leonard

Solomon Leonard works in partnership with clients and local people to bring about economic and social development. Our directors and associates focus on governance issues which bring about poverty alleviation and equitable development through the more efficient use of resources. The consultancy sees its role as assisting countries to find development solutions that are appropriate and which will remain effective well after the associates' input has ended.

We work in the following sectors:

The way we work

Our approach to consulting is:

  • To provide the services of our directors and associates in teams that work well together
  • To empower local organisations and communities to participate in their own development
  • To ensure our projects contribute to sustainable development
  • To support our teams through open communication and peer review
  • To provide honest and clear communication to our clients and partners in development
  • To actively seek feedback so we can continually improve our service

We believe that:

  • People come first - therefore participation and consultation are essential
  • Simple solutions work best - typically this involves addressing underlying causes of problems not the symptoms
  • An underlying principle at all levels of an organisation must be: 'do today's work today'
  • It is difficult to achieve significant social progress in the absence of economic growth and development

Who we are

Solomon Leonard is a New Zealand based consultancy, owned by executive directors Rob Solomon, Lloyd Powell and Ben Schultz. Because our company is committed to putting together teams that work well as a whole, new associates join the company on the recommendation of the directors and existing associates.

While we have particular expertise in the Asia Pacific region, it is not limited to this part of the world. We have also conducted assignments in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

Countries of experience

Central America Southern Africa Middle East Oceania
Jamaica Mauritius Iraq Australia
  South Africa Kuwait Cook Islands
South-East Asia Southern Asia Central Asia Kiribati
Cambodia Bangladesh Kazakstan Micronesia
East Timor India Japan Nauru
Indonesia Maldives   Niue
Lao People's Democratic Republic Pakistan   New Zealand
Philippines Sri Lanka   Papua New Guinea
Taiwan     Solomon Islands
Thailand     Tonga
Vietnam      Vanuatu