Project: Solomon Islands - Public Financial Management


Solomon Islands


Financial Secretary

Funding Agency:


In-Country Agency:

Ministry of Finance



Duration (months):

24 months


Lloyd Powell


Permanent Secretary for Finance responsible for helping SIG work through crisis management in the aftermath of the ethnic tension that destroyed the economy in 2000. Established unified budget process that included line ministries and provincial governments in resource utilisation choices within overall macro economic framework as agreed with IMF.

Reviewed sector allocations and service delivery efficiencies to ensure that public expenditure levels on outputs were giving value for money. Set output specifications through regional workshops. Assisted line ministries in their budget bid presentations so that they were aligned with government policy rather than historic presidents. This included a complete review of development framework, aide flows as well as internal grants and loans. Produced credible 2003 budget that included a comprehensive debt compromise and which was signed off by IMF.

Had a debt policy strategy signed off by two governments and then a comprehensive debt compromise strategy signed off by cabinet as part of the budget process. Oversaw the collection of total debt information by classes and started negotiations with creditors.  Established debt-servicing mechanism for Solomon Island Government revenue steam that matched the debt strategy