Project: Vanuatu - National Council of Women - Institutional Strengthening


Institutional Strengthening




Gender Specialist

Funding Agency:


In-Country Agency:

Department of Women's Affairs



Duration (months):



Responsible for providing training and support for the Executive Director, designated staff, and the Executive at both national and island levels of the Vanuatu National Council of Women (VNCW) in the following areas:

  • Office and financial management and the development of financial systems.
  • Development of VNCW staff job descriptions and annual work plans and performance assessment criteria.
  • Developing and writing of proposals to funding agencies for projects to be implemented at the island, national and community level which comply with Government Investment Program application procedures. A manual and checklist for staff are key outputs of this activity.
  • Development of methods and systems to monitor and produce reports on projects for donors and to evaluate project outcomes on completion.
  • Creating awareness of the overall objectives and the specific gender and social monitoring objectives of the Comprehensive Reform Program (CRP) and its goals for the improvement of frontline services.
  • Development of a strategy to raise the awareness of women and women’s groups at the island and community level of CRP objectives.
  • Development of a strategy to monitor CRP objectives for gender equity and improvement of frontline services by the Department of Women’s Affairs and other government agencies and providers.
  • Development of monitoring methods, including consultation through focus groups and rapid appraisal processes and preparation of training materials on these
  • Design of a simple data recording system that takes account of limited literacy skills for the production of an annual report by each island chapter of the VNCW.